Kagura beauty ~ Kagurabi ~ a
And suggestions to each of your customers face design in a given unformatted exercises do not require surgery, nothing soothes away pain beauty won't give up by establishing fixed and while changing the balance of all parts offer we.

'To fix your face beautifully finished, keep the' greater purpose to that.

Given unformatted art

* Notice prices are prices excluding tax.

Changes to the proposed design and soothes away [mind, body, and Supreme beauty of face] to and will continue to create.
Adjust the beautifully contoured face line of skin sagging is taken, of course, distorted nose and your face until we finish.
So far unlike to change temporarily, is intended to 'fix your face beautifully finished and to keep'.

In surgical techniques, such as sleeping comfort in your energy balance, while removing or endless safe technology provides, there is no risk as seen by other technologies without injecting the natural metabolism of soothes away treatment of Orthopedic class by the.

(Fukuoka, Nagasaki Salon price)
[Visitors menu-90 minutes-120 minutes
[Member's menu: 60 min-90 min

"Tokyo prices (including travel costs).
[Visitors menu-90 minutes-120 minutes
[Member's menu: 60 min-90 min

Given unformatted treatment flow [appointment]

Cancellation policy

-If you cancel your reservation 3 days before: 50% of the fee
-Book day cancellation: 100%
-Within 48 hours after application.(Closed on Sundays and public holidays except)To contact because you may have not received mail if you do not reply again.
-Free email such as yahoo and google are sent to the Junk mailbox if there seems especially Please note.

810-0051, Japan

Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Closed: no regularly scheduled holidays [appointment]

Tokyo branch: base every 2.3 days stay

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