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And suggestions to each of your customers face design in a given unformatted exercises do not require surgery, nothing soothes away pain beauty won't give up by establishing fixed and while changing the balance of all parts offer we.

'To fix your face beautifully finished, keep the' greater purpose to that.

Please grab this chance✨✨✨

✨✨✨Best‼ Support period✨✨✨

6September 30
Given unformatted patients first experience price 50% off!‼‼
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http://www.kagurabi.biz/73012/ book

In addition to ‼
Due to the e-mail newsletter registration start newsletter for members only
First 5 people as long as we will offer "a course in miracles'💕
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miseikei-art@r.kagurabi.biz * please send a blank email here

Stay tuned because it is "a course in miracles" will be 5/3 am in: email newsletters💕💕

✨We decided to support period given unformatted art's✨

The other day
3In my diet completely switch to Buri✨✨

Love came down around the ohori Park is.

Put my diet really energy

I want to change‼
I want to be beautiful‼
Cool well want‼

So those who wish to achieve more and more✨✨✨

Was said(๑>◡<๑)

We have never yet experienced given unformatted art
Please try to take this opportunity to take a look at change✨

We support best treatment also price‼

The cheering during the month.
Course fees will be the surprise price💖


810-0051, Japan

Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Closed: no regularly scheduled holidays [appointment]

Tokyo branch: base every 2.3 days stay

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