Kagura beauty ~ Kagurabi ~ a
And suggestions to each of your customers face design in a given unformatted exercises do not require surgery, nothing soothes away pain beauty won't give up by establishing fixed and while changing the balance of all parts offer we.

'To fix your face beautifully finished, keep the' greater purpose to that.

[Please don't give up✨✨]

"Osaka 22-year-old n.

Gill lined and single eye had taken care to n

IPC in Mono is the first, and also
Has been transformed into the packing dual Chile💖

Gill lined from cheek to the chin fat layer and into the muscle layer
Now put the approach by clean lines and✨✨

It also improved teeth bite and had a little touch of Sockets
Pull up and evolved into an attractive lips💋

Delighted in the n
A nice boyfriend and received report✨

Is filled with joy and gratitude that we let taken care of your face is important💖

"N comments (autographed).


810-0051, Japan

Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Closed: no regularly scheduled holidays [appointment]

Tokyo branch: base every 2.3 days stay

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