Kagura beauty ~ Kagurabi ~ a
And suggestions to each of your customers face design in a given unformatted exercises do not require surgery, nothing soothes away pain beauty won't give up by establishing fixed and while changing the balance of all parts offer we.

'To fix your face beautifully finished, keep the' greater purpose to that.

[Best cheerleading campaign ends💖]

5Starting from April
The best campaign
6Ended June 30✨✨

A lot of new people
To be beautiful also step forward

Us on the doors to the given unformatted beauty

In a changing

The best show ever not smile

From change in counseling
Visit our people shed tears
Now two months an inspiring✨✨

And follow the path to the given unformatted beauty resolutions

To my experience with beautiful pleasure would like to thank once again.

Thank you for your💖

People just getting started, so I now I must continue working for our beautiful(o ^ ^ o)

By the way I?
And my name is.

10Could mention km

Measures such as diet or daily life improvement

I was just 8 kilometers😭😭

着renakatta clothes and even a little slowly and wear
Fewer things fall even in the shop fitting
I'm happy as long as it is💕

I still stop ( ¯ ー ¯)

In fact in the second half of June
To change the target setting to the application by the end

Of 12 kilometers down.✨✨

That is a pretty difficult challenge

To begin with
So that was my ultimate goal
Still aiming at the ultimate goal, the best✨✨

* Your thoughts in some we have gotten has posted. Your

2017In July, 2 pm

810-0051, Japan

Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Closed: no regularly scheduled holidays [appointment]

Tokyo branch: base every 2.3 days stay

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