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And suggestions to each of your customers face design in a given unformatted exercises do not require surgery, nothing soothes away pain beauty won't give up by establishing fixed and while changing the balance of all parts offer we.

'To fix your face beautifully finished, keep the' greater purpose to that.


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2017March 27. : : Tomorrow morning at 10:00 e-zine will be delivered!
増枠 was also booking! 1 month and now fully support campaign finally leave ☆ 彡 first Ki....
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2017年5月10日 : : [Please don't give up✨✨]
"Osaka 22-year-old n" N-like first single eyes or gills upholstery had taken care to IPC in Mono, and also Chile 2..
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2017Year 5 / 6 day : : Customer support during the initial experience was received very nice voice✨✨
[Fukuoka ohori Salon Y like] touched after the treatment but were not immediately! Looks especially lamplight eyes big big..
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2017年5月1日 : : Please grab this chance✨✨✨
✨✨✨Best‼ Support period✨✨✨6-30 up to 5 given unformatted patients first experience price..
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2017年4月26日 : : Finally Japan full-fledged debut!
当サロンでも お客様より絶大な指示を頂いております『クラシカーナ・ナリシングクリーム』が 銀座の中心にOp...
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[Kagura beauty]
Representative given unformatted beauty creators

Born in Nagasaki.
Things to make joy to see and spend his childhood creation by myself.
Fascinated by it design face after graduating from the high school of design University, Nagasaki Japan, makeup techniques, make-ups, Bridal makeup, makeup instructor.

Later experienced a marriage, birth, divorce, and child time thinking, learn floral design techniques to be entrepreneurs, and opened the flower arrangement school hits 6 classroom teaching of approximately 100 students.

Technologies such as swaroju jewelry headpiece dress was made in further establish himself, get order order in bridal and party scene.

Undertakes orders of the sculpture Department requests in the event of a variety of artists and talent and the latest technology with shocked to see "you can solve complex I had for many years! I later learned energy work and Gerontology (aging medicine) based on many people desire a while also to establish could not meet without plastic surgery, without pain brings the changes as cosmetic surgery "given unformatted art'.

Dedication to creating things and have been created as [mind, body, and beauty of face] a further upgrade the knowledge acquired to provide all people, regardless of gender and work to deliver our thing
-Improved the headache and Temporomandibular joint has suffered over 20 years!
-BF / GF!
-(Daughter of truant high school student) becomes lighter and now go to school
- ?And I'm not! Treatment and often rated from!
-Age is no way I'm giving up was... This technology to meet a really nice!
For we have many happiness and joy.

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